Supervision (completed)

Post-Doctoral Fellow Completed

  • Tremblay, Marie-Claude. The Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project as a community ‘social movement’. Taking into account the community level outcomes of a health promotion program in an Indigenous community. (January 2014-December 2016). CIHR-IAPH Postdoctoral Award. (Co-Supervisor with A. Macaulay).


Masters Completed

  • Swasson, Sara. Thesis Title: Drumming as a social determinant of health (Co-Supervisor with Lynne Robinson from Sept. 2010 until maternity leave in June 2012) (Committee Member from July 2012-December 2015). AAHRP Fellowship.


  • Copeland, Kerry. Thesis Title: Program evaluation of kids’ run club: experience of girls in grades 4-6. (Committee Member). (September 2013-November 2015).


  • Moore, Carla. Thesis Title:  Is this good research?:  Considering the ethical and methodological implications of health research with Mi’kmaq communities in Nova Scotia following the implementation of the 2nd edition of the Tri-Council Policy Statement:  Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2) (Committee Member) (November 2010-November 2015). AAHRP Fellowship.


  • Ley, M. Thesis Title: Hydroelectric development along the Lower Churchill River and the perceived influences on social relationships and emotional health of NunatuKavut adults (Supervisor). (September 2013-June 2015). AAHRP Fellowship.


  • Long, Ken. Thesis Title: The effect of traditional cultural activities on health: Data from Miawpukek First Nation Regional Longitudinal Health Survey (Co-Supervisor with F. Wien) (July 2010-June 2012; August 2013-August 2014). AAHRP Fellowship.


  • Aubé, Caila. Thesis Title: Francophone and Acadian experiences in the health-care system in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Primary supervisor from September 2011-June 2012 (maternity leave); Committee member from May 2013 until completion in August 2013). Master of Arts in Health Promotion, Dalhousie University.


  • Webber, Kristine. Thesis Title: Women with MS experiences of attitudinal, social and psychological barriers and empowerment in health promotion: through a feminist, disability rights lens’. (Committee Member) (June 2011- June 2014).


  • Pasiciel, J. Thesis Title: An exploration of unpartnered rural women’s perceptions of their social relationships and mental/emotional health. (Committee Member) (January 2012 – December 2013).


  • Watson, Rob. Thesis Title: Exploring asthma support and education interventions in Mi’kmaq communities. (Committee Member) (January 2012- June 2013). Master of Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University. AAHRP Fellowship.


  • Bennett, Ella. Thesis Title: ‘We had something good and sacred here’: ReStorying A’se’k with Pictou Landing First Nation (June 2011-June 2013). Master of Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University. AAHRP Fellowship


  • Hudson, P. Thesis Title: Exploring Key Determinants of HIV/HCV Prevention and Risk: Voices of Prince Edward Island Aboriginal Youth (Committee Member) (January 2012-August 2013). Master of Arts in Health Promotion, Dalhousie University. AAHRP Fellowship.

Honours Completed


Bridget Irwin. Thesis Title: Post-secondary supports for Indigenous students in Canada: A scoping review. BSc. Hons. Health Promotion



  • Bordeleau-Cass, Zoé. Thesis Title: Urban Indigenous mothers’ perceptions of breastfeeding and its influences on infant feeding practices: An exploratory qualitative study. BSc. Health Promotion. (Primary Supervisor).


  •  Stewart, M. Thesis Title: “Waste not, want not: What is the conceptual feasibility of implementing The Real Junk Food Project in Halifax Nova Scotia”. (BSc. Health Prmotion). External Reader.


  • Morgan, R. Thesis Title: We’re Tired of Being the Dump: Exposing Environmental Racism in Canadian Communities. (BA (Hons) Political Science). External Reader.



  • Favel, K. Thesis Title: Identifying Barriers and Facilitators Influencing Leisure-Like Participation in Poundmaker Cree Nation. (BSc (Hons) Recreation) (Co-Supervisor with B. Hamilton-Hinch).



  • Graham, Amy. Thesis Title: Strong is the New Skinny: Exploring Athletic-Ideal Internalization Among Women. (BSc (Hons) Health Promotion) (Primary Supervisor). (January-June 2012 until maternity leave; L.Rehman assumed supervisory role: July-December 2012).



  • Waite, Robyn. Health and well-being of undergraduate students at a mid-sized Canadian university. (Reader: December 2011).


  • Cusack, Erin. Social Support in relation to Health and Wellbeing Among Rural, Queer, Female Adolescents  (BSc (Hons) Health Promotion) (Reader: April 2011)


  • Pritchard, Gillian. Aboriginal Perspectives on Water: How Does Water Contribute to Overall Health and Well-Being? (Won Award for Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation at Dalhousie’s Crossroads Conference).  (Primary Supervisor) (September 2010 -April 2011)



  • Lauridsen, Kaitlin. Thesis Title: We need to create: An exploratory study of how artistic expression of Aboriginal culture contributes to overall health in adult urban Aboriginal individuals living in Ottawa. (Primary Supervisor) (January-December 2010)


  • Boyd, Kelly. Thesis Title: Challenges and facilitators to providing health care services to pregnant women who use drugs: the perspectives of health care professionals. Dalhousie University (Reader)